Retract-A-Gate retractable gates are designed to be easy to install, however, proper installation of the gate is still very important to ensure that the gates are secured and safe.

To make your installation easy, these tools would be essential:-

Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is primarily used in to determine if a gate is suitable for you. 

You would need a measuring tape to confirm the distance of the area you intend to cover using the Retract-A-Gate. The distance should definitely be less than the maximum length of your gate you plan to get. Either 132cm (52" gate) or 182cm (72" gate).

It is also crucial to determine if there are suitable places to secure the Universal Brackets to.  

Phillips Screw Driver

The Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate is secured using 4 screw mounted Universal brackets. 

For installation, you would need a phillips or "cross head" screw driver for use with #6 size screws. 


An electric screw driver while not necessary can make installation even faster & easier. 


Get a pencil handy when you start to install your gate. You will need it to help mark locations for the Universal Brackets and drilling locations. 

Spirit Level

To ensure the gate is nice and taut, the 2 sets of Universal brackets on opposite sides of the Retract-A-Gate need to be parallel to each other. The spirit level is used to help achieve that. 

Power Drill

As a hardware mount gate, the Universal Brackets needed to be secured using screws. Depending on where and what type of surfaces you are installing the Universal Brackets, you might require different set of tools. You cannot do without a power impact drill if you need to drill into concrete, bricks or dry walls.

Screw anchors for use with holes drilled into concrete, bricks or dry walls have been provided as part of all Retract-A-Gates (Southeast Asia version).