There are many alternative surfaces that the Retract-A-Gate can be mounted to. Some of the more common ones are listed below along with what you need to consider for that surface.

Bookcase or cabinet

You can mount the brackets to a bookcase only if the bookcase is stable (wall-mounted). You may need to put a backer board on the inside wall of the bookcase (or cabinet) if the wall is thin so that the screws have a minimum of 1 inch of solid wood to bite into.

If you wish to mount the Retract-A-Gate baby gate to a cabinet where there is a small counter top overhang, the wall spacers can be used under both the top and bottom brackets. The spacers should move the safety gate out away from the counter's edge to provide enough clearance to mount the baby safety gate.

Brick, stone, concrete, or mortar

You will need appropriate masonry anchors which you can purchase at any hardware store. Simply take the screws that come with Retract-A-Gate to the store and have them size an appropriate masonry anchor for you. The screws we provide are 2 inches long. If you need to use shorter screws be sure to use #6 flat head screws and use the included finishing washers. Another option would be to fasten a board to the brick/stone/concrete/mortar using similar anchors and then attach the brackets to the board.


We always recommend mounting the brackets to the support/stud behind the fiberglass as that will provide the best holding power. If there is no support then you need to use appropriate anchors or a backer board that will work with your fiberglass.

Vinyl siding on a house

You can attach the retractable baby gate wall brackets to the house siding as long as there is solid wood sheeting/boards underneath the siding (this is normally the case).