Spacers are useful accessories to help you in your installation of the Retract-A-Gate safety gate. They can be purchased in packs of 10 pieces. Spacers are design to fit exactly the Universal Wall Brackets using the same translucent material. Each spacer is 3mm thick and are stackable to create the thickness you need. 

Typically these are scenarios that spacers would be necessary:-

  1. Wall skirtings/baseboard that result in the opening of the Universal Brackets being partially blocked. Hooking the gate into the brackets becomes difficult or not possible at all when this happens. In this case, the spacers are used to displace the brackets away from the wall to ensure that the opening is not blocked.
  2. The opposite sides of the wall brackets are not parallel. This can happen if walls are not flat or in some cases, some brackets need to be installed on protruding surfaces such as skirtings. Spacers can be use to help level the brackets to be parallel.
  3. Not enough clearance at the top of the child lock knob for smooth operation. This can happen especially when gate needs the installed on kitchen cabinet where the protruding tabletop can get in the way. It can also happen when installing the gate on certain stairway where the hand railing can also block the childlock knob. To create the clearance, spacers can be use to shift the wall brackets outwards away from the wall until the blockages are removed.