The Retract-A-Gate retractable baby & pet safety gate is designed to be no just easy to use but also very easy to install. If you have already purchased your Retract-A-Gate Safety gate, this step by step guide will help you get your gate in place in no time.

If you are still evaluating your safety gate options, this guide would also be of help to you to get a better idea what the Retract-A-Gate retractable gate can do for you and that it is not as difficult as you had imagine how a hardware mount gate to be.

An actual installation scenario is used in this installation guide so that you can better visualize:-

The intention is to be able to cordone off a bedroom and other times to prevent a child from going downstairs. At any one time, only one area is expected to be blocked off.

This is a typical two storey house in Singapore. The walls are made from concrete and bricks. Door frames are made from wood. Stairway railings are made from wood and metal. The wooden skirtings are 10 cm high and about 1 cm thick. 

*Note: this installation guide will not be covering in details the tools you need prepare as well as whether you will need spacers for your installation. Please refer to our FAQ section for such details. 

Retract-A-Gate Installation Scenario before installation. Planning and measurements. 

For common gate options i.e, not Retract-A-Gate, you would need 2 gates. One to cover the doorway to the bedroom and the other to cover the top of stairs. It would look something like this:

Gate Installation option one - using 2 gates to cover 2 areas. 

If we are using the Retract-A-Gate, we can still do this. However, since we only need to close one gate at a time, the Retract-A-Gate allow us to do it a little differently and a lot more elegantly and efficiently like this:-

One Retract-A-Gate used to cover 2 areas makes it a lot more elegant and cost effective.


With the measurements, the maximum length of the gate required is 120cm. In this case, a 52" Retract-A-Gate (maximum length 132 cm) would be sufficient for this installation.