Once we have decided where the Retract-A-Gate would be positioned, we can start with installing the 1st set of Universal Wall Brackets.

Basically, the Retract-A-Gates uses the same brackets for either side of the gates. We will only go through in detail how to install the 1st set of brackets i.e., top and bottom brackets. The steps to install the other set are the same. If you can do the 1st set, you can pretty much do the rest. We will always start with the top wall bracket for each set.

The steps for the Top Bracket are simple:-

  1. Survey the Wall. Check the alignment of the wall using a spirit level. While we usually assume the walls to be flat and straight, they might not always be the case. In case we have an issue with the walls, we can either shift the installation location a little (as long as it does not affect the end result) or we can use spacers to compensate for the unevenness (See the installation for the 2nd set of brackets where we used spacers to do so).
  2. Mark the Position of the Top Bracket. Next, clip in a wall bracket into the reel side bar of the Retract-A-Gate i.e., the long metal bar. You should be able to easily slide it along the bar. Place the Retract-A-Gate flat on the ground, move the gate in position. At the same time, slide the bracket to align it with middle of the top hole of the gate. You can face the bracket in either direction but it is recommended to face the opening away from the gate if possible. Press the bracket flat on the wall while maintaining the height. Mark the position of the bracket on the wall using a pencil.
  3. Mark the Holes for Drilling. After marking the position of the bracket on the wall, remove the gate. Use a spirit level to level the bracket while maintaining its height on the wall. Once that is done, mark the holes to be drilled. 
  4. Drill & Prepare the holes. Drilling and preparing holes are only necessary when we are dealing with concrete/brick wall or dry walls. Solid wood surfaces are generally easier as screw anchors are not necessary. 

    For concrete/brick wall, a power impact drill is needed to drill the necessary hole. The screw anchors provided requires a 6mm by 2.54 cm (1 inch) hole. It would be easier to drill a little deeper to cater to longer screws. Insert the screw anchors completely into the holes.
  5. Install Top Bracket. When the hole is prepared, you can now screw in the top bracket. If you need to cater to skirtings using spacers (Check the FAQ here), be sure to include the spacers with your bracket when you screw in. Once done, clip in your Retract-A-Gate and proceed to the next step to install the bottom bracket. For this set of brackets, we have intentionally chosen not to use spacers but to install the bottom brackets in such a way to give enough space to insert and remove the gate even with the skirtings.