Once the 1st set of wall brackets are done, you can repeat the Steps Two & Three to install as many sets our brackets as you like. The wall brackets are universal afterall. 

In our scenario, the 2nd set of brackets are the ones across the bedroom doorway. Similarly, this wall has skirtings. We also discovered that the wall is not even. We decided to use the spacers to cater to both the skirtings and the uneven wall. As you can see below, the top bracket uses 3 spacers while the bottom bracket uses only 2 spacers. This helps to cater to the unevenness of the wall.

Bracket Set using spacers to cater to uneven wall  

The 3rd set of brackets are across the top of the stairs. In this case, it is more challenging as with most stairways. A customized wooden plank is used to create a flat surface to install the wall brackets. Spacers are also used to displaced the brackets to clear them from the skirting. 

Customized structure plus spacers for Stairway